Books-(F1) Modeling

GP Modellista 2001-5 Vol 1

GP Modellista 2002-2 Vol 4

AK FAQ Modelling Guide

AK Photo Etched Parts the complete guide (AK7)


AK Extreme 2 Weathered Vehicles

AK Realistic Wood Effect

AK Extreme Reality 3 Weathered Vehicles

AK The ultimate guide to make buildings in dioramas (AK9)

AK Mastering vegetation in modeling (AK10)

Vallejo Rust and Chipping

Painting & Displaying Military Models Vol. 2

Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller 22

Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller 29

Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller 37

Starship Techniques #1 (AK590)

Starship Techniques #2 (AK592)

Out of this world - Fine Scale Modeler

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